Free Home Inventory Solutions 

free internet storage solutions for your digital inventory file

Tips and resources for creating a household inventory of valuables, belongings and furnishings...
in the case of loss due to theft or natural disasters such as fire, flood, tornados and hurricanes...

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Follow the tips below to create your own inventory
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     The forms below can be completed as they are in your browser window, hard copies can be printed using "Landscape" mode...Saving digital versions of the completed forms can be achieved in a couple of different ways... You can print the completed forms and then scan them back into your computer...or you can save them as PDF formatted fiiles using free software found here.

(Warning:If you use the forms below...inserted data will NOT be saved by simply completing and saving to your hard drive...fill out the forms and PRINT)

Living Room

Family Room

Dining Room







Dont't forget to include: Office,Basement/Attic/Storage,

Download a zip file with all the forms here

  • Create a new folder to start your home inventory project.
  • Use both detailed text records and pictures including scanned documents such as reciepts and bills' of sales etc...
  • Use any version of forms you like including our free ones...or use a spreadsheet type program like Microsoft Excel to create your own.
  • Cross index text records with picture IDs
  • Use a free image editing program like Irfanview to resize and or rename (index) your image records. Including scanned copies of important text documents.
  • Save all the text files to the new folder along with the corresponding digital images and scanned documents, including any PDF files created using the pre-formatted forms provided. This folder can now be burned to either a CD or DVD type media for storing in a safe deposit box etc. Keep reading to see how to make and store a digital record...
  • Using one of the "archiving" (zipping) programs listed in the download column ...create a new archive or zip file and add the entire contents (text files and images) of the new folder and create the new archive or zip file. Now all your files (complete record) are compacted into one single file.
  • click here to learn about storing your
    inventory record securely on the internet for free..






Irfanview ( free image editor)

Primo PDF Writer ( free PDF writer)

WinZip (archiving tool trial will not expire)

7 Zip (archiving tool, free Open Source)

FileZilla ( transferring tool, free Open Source)

"zipping" lets you combine many files into a single "archive" for easy moving and handling

all the above software has been tested and used and found to to be free of spyware or malware